Tips to Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage

Fall and Cold Weather are Approaching

     Fall is a great time of the year- back to school, pumpkin lattes,(and lets be honest, pumpkin EVERYTHING) and the infamous rainfall of the Pacific Northwest, but these wonderful things can sometimes be shadowed by a water damage “oops” misfortune in our home.
The cold winter season is coming quickly, and I have been frequently asked how to prevent a disaster with the changing of the seasons. Slow water flow, bulging pipes, and, worst of all, plumbing leaks can occur when temperatures dip if you are unprepared.

A little bit of time now, will save you a lot of time (and money) later!

Practical Tips to Prepare for the Cold Months 

  1.  Find and memorize the location of your main water shutoff valve. In the event of an emergency or burst pipe, the sooner you can shut off the water the less the damage the water will cause.
  2.  Insulate any pipes in unheated areas: crawl spaces, basements, outside walls, etc. Pipes in these areas are always susceptible to cold weather, so make sure to wrap them in foam insulation or, for extreme cold, heat tape. In a pinch? Newspaper is better than nothing.
  3. Put away your garden hose before winter hits. Make sure to drain beforehand. In ground sprinkler systems are the same way. If you don’t disconnect your garden hoses, water can freeze up the pipe and into your home’s plumbing via the outside spigot. Speaking of outside spigots…
  4. The valves to all outdoor faucets need to be closed.
  5. You should keep your home at a steady temperature, day AND night, to prevent thermal expansion and contraction.
  6. If you leave the home for an extended period of time, set the temperature to no lower than 55 degree Fahrenheit

Oops! There was an Accident! Now What?

PureDry is ALWAYS ready to respond to your water damage needs! Remember, if your flooding issue become overwhelming, call PureDry Restoration and we will give a Free High-Tech Property Inspection to determine any possible damages and tell you what needs to happen to keep your home safe. We’ve got your back! 24/7.  We even bill your insurance!