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Our house was seriously damaged by a leaking drainage pipe inside the wall. We had no clue about this problem until we found mold growing in the corner of the kitchen cabinets. I called many water restoration companies to help with this problem. Many of them said that they were fully booked. Only one came and checked the problem. And he estimated the cost to repair would be at least $$$$. But he would prefer me myself to talk to my insurance company about how serious the damage was. We had no experience in filing a claim and no knowledge about damages involving water, which made us very stressful.

Luckily, we found PureDry! Ben picked up my phone quickly, listened to my description of the problem very patiently, and then came to rescue us right away. Ben also offered the help to communicate with our insurance adjuster. He was very professional and effective in communicating. With his help, we were able to get insurance coverage. 

Everybody from PureDry is super terrific. I mainly worked with Zeb, David, and another sir (sorry I don’t know how to spell his name). They put us on their top priority because they understood how bad the damage was. They worked very hard, handling the disgustingly moldy wall without complaints. And they were willing to explain to me whenever I asked. Their work was doubtless satisfying! After a week, the damaged area was professionally dried out and the moldy odor was completely gone. They tried their best to rescue our house and finally, the wood frame of our house get less damaged. 

Besides, these three folks are very respectful and courteous: they notified me in advance every time before they came to work; they cleaned up the area every time after they finished work; and they took off their shoes even if I didn’t ask them to do. (I am a neat freak and so, I was very impressed that they would do that). They made us worry-free.

Different from other reviewers, I would say not wishing to use PureDry in the future. flooding is such a painful experience. We love our house. It broke our heart to see how bad it was damaged. Who wants to have such an experience twice? But if you are experiencing such problem, don’t hesitate but call PureDry immediately. 

They are 100% great.

Olivia S.

I can’t say enough. These folks are responsive, professional, and did a fantastic job. Have a large storage area that has leaked for years. Everything in there needed to go to the dump, and the wood shelving needed to be demo’d and hauled away – it was A LOT of stuff. They cleaned and treated for mold/stains…and it’s now pristine. They were super prompt with both the estimate and the work (took several folks most of a day). I can’t really speak to whether it was a good price…but I’d pay it again in a heartbeat. HIGHLY recommend!

Victoria C.

The folks over at PureDry are just fantastic. I appreciated that they took the time to explain the process and what it was going to take to clean up the water and mitigate the mold.   

They were able to work with me on pricing and scheduling which is huge when you have limited budget and are short on time.  

I would definitely use them again!

Karl H.

We really enjoyed working with Justin, Lawrence, and Kyle…simply friendly, upbeat, and pleasant guys. They helped educate us about our problem (a water heater that broke / leaked overnight in our basement, soaked our carpet, and presented mold risk) and Justin / Lawrence were especially diligent about communicating the pros and cons of going through insurance after communicating with them. We ultimately went out of pocket because their invoice was very reasonable and Lawrence made sure there were no surprises. 

We will be referring them to friends and family because they are our go-to guys now for restoration / moisture mitigation and we know they’ll take care of them. Lawrence and Justin aren’t out for a quick buck and do things the right way because they understand that’s the best way to do business / take care of their customers.

Evan P.

Had a leak (amongst many other problems) in the bathroom of the home I just bought. Was very worried I would need lots of work to repair damage I was imagining was done. Lawrence came out right away, was incredibly professional and put my mind at ease that I did not have the serious issues I had conjured up in my mind. Was very honest and no high pressure sales tactics or trying to sell me work I didn’t need (and already knew I didn’t need). As I am positive I will be needing more restoration work in the future, his honesty has earned my future business for sure.

Terra S.

Quick Response, they got out here in about an hour or so. They told us what to do while they were on their way. We had a toilet overflow for a few hours.  After a quick inspection, they got right to work on cleaning it up and drying our home. Friendly service all the way to the end. They also helped us when dealing with our insurance to make it a smooth process, I appreciated that. The crew did a great job, the house was completely dried within a couple days.

Zeb W.

Pure dry response time is unbeatable. They were able to get started on the damaged sheetrock and insulation right away. They even coordinated with the tenant, arrived when they said they would within the one hour window, removed the damaged sheet rock, insulation and let it dry over the weekend. Beau and Nate and the crew handled everything perfectly. We are so happy with the results. I hope I don’t have to call them anytime soon 🙂 but I highly recommend anyone with water issues work with Pure Dry. They are truly honest and caring people!

Michaela P.

I recently rented out my condo to a tenant and it was brought to my surprise that my unit had odor damage (curry) that would not go away no matter how many times my place got cleaned or how many plug in scents my tenant put. I was so worried I’d lose my tenant and had to act fast. I learned through research that curry odor does not go away with traditional cleaning methods and it requires professional service/equipment. I called several local odor removal companies for quotes and PureOdor Solutions by far had the best pricing- I’m talking $500+ dollars less, with the same guarantee your odor will be removed so this choice was a no-brainer. Ben and his team came and cleaned out all the grease in my vents and did their overnight treatment. Now the unit is odor free and I have a happy tenant!

K I.

We had a water roof leakage situation and we called puredry,  they responded the fastest. Justin came the next day and took care of us. Because our house is less than a year and half old the roofer tried very hard to find the issue, Justin And the roofer from another company worked together to water test and found the spot he had to weld to fix. They also communicated on when he should come back since the roofer has to fix the problem. The next day he came over , cut the wall and tape everything off. 

We had the humidifier and fan running , the whole process was easy except for the nose of the machine. My husband and I both work from home and drove me insane lol, I took time off work that week.  

Just came daily to check on us and let us know when he is heading over which is great. Everything went smoothly and we will call them again, hopefully not again anytime soon lol. Also in the end there was a mistake on our bill which caused it to be over estimate but Justin quickly corrected it with supervisor. Definitely great service and nice people who can get job done.

As for the price, I am not sure how much it cost to dry but that photo bellow for drying was billed out to be 1500 ish if that helps for reference on pricing

Lindsay H.