Dealing With Flooded Homes

Flooding is a natural concern in northwest Washington State. “Urban flooding” is a concept that has arisen in the area over the past 10 years as heavy rains overwhelm the city’s drainage system. Flooding is one of the costliest hazard that homeowners may face in their lifetime and it is important to be educated on what to do when you are dealing with a flooded home.

Urban flooding happens suddenly with little time allotted for preparation. In 2006, an intense storm pounded the middle of northwest Washington State, producing an inch of rain in as little as one hour. This rainstorm caused over 300 reports of flooded homes.

What To Do First

The very first thing to do is to take care of yourself. It may be necessary to shut off the electricity depending on the severity of the flooding. Use good judgement. If you don’t know, call an electrician to help you.

Officials always advise that before cleanup, the first thing you want to do is document the damage. Do not start any cleanup or repairs without first taking photos with a date and time stamp. Be sure to document every room of the house, every cabinet, every closet. These photos are going to play a vital role with your insurance company.

After thorough documentation is complete, cleanup can begin. This can be an overwhelming project. Typically, flooding in houses results in a lot of loss. Hopefully, the extent of the damage will be insignificant, but in many cases, it’s not. To help deal with the process, go through your belongings and decide what is salvageable. If you question whether it can be saved or not, it’s best to throw it out.

Some professional water damage companies will help with the removal of damaged personal items.

Problems That Might Arise After A House Floods

A flooded house often produces mold growth after cleanup. Flood water might seep through the walls and floor boards and without proper removal, mold can develop within 48 hours. Permanent structural damage can occur including warping and cupping of wood, contamination and molding of carpet, and structural damage to walls.

To be sure that you are taking the best care of your home in the event of a flood is to contact a licensed professional that can come in, assess the damage of your home, and take the proper steps to ensure your safety and the most cost-effective approach to cleaning up your house.

Many professional companies, like PureDry, offer emergency water damage services so that you can have peace of mind sooner. Experienced technicians have the equipment needed to help prevent further damage to your home on hand and can start the process quickly. A professional team will know what to look for and can determine the best course of action to make your flooded house livable. Not only will they be able to cleanup flooded floors, carpets, and walls, but they will clean furniture and disinfect insulation and padding that need to be sanitized. A professional restoration team can help take the pressure off of you so that you can continue to live your daily life.