Water Damage Starts to Destroy Your Home Immediately

Quite often, when we think of water damage, we immediately think of 2 feet deep in water in a basement. This is absolutely true for some cases, but other times its not as clear what exactly is going on and how severe the damage could in fact be. A lot of times, it is the things that are unseen until it’s too late that are the most costly without even knowing. Who do you turn to first when something disastrous happens? A neighbor? A friend? A relative? A random Google search?

Time is everything when it relates to water damage.

Within a matter of hours, the damage spreads its muggy little tentacles.


  • Mold & mildew can get a foothold in your carpets and inside the wall
  • Standing water breeds microorganisms that cause rotting to happen
  • Odor is more noticeable and permanent
  • Drywall is soaked, warped and rendered useless
  • Wood swells and becomes malformed
  • Metal tarnishes and rusts.


At this point, insurance claims start to rise astronomically and the chances of recouping full value drop dramatically. And that’s just the beginning. Water damage is real! Within a day or two, fungus appears, showing up as green or black mold or sometimes creative-shaped mushrooms. Adhesives lose their grip on your ceramic tile. Wallpaper peels. Wooden door casings swell up. Floors buckle. Fabrics are stained beyond preservation. Papers must be discarded. Paint peels. Electronic components fail. The occupants are at risk from air-borne and water-borne contaminants.

The bottom line you have to remember is that mold, mildew and microorganisms start to form immediately. Action is key.

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