Prevent Your Washing Machine from Overflowing

Washing machines are not meant to overflow. But when they do, they leave a mess. Soapy water on the entire floor soaking up everything that it comes into contact with is not a joke.  If this happens to you
 and the overflow is significant, it is well worth it to call a professional like PureDry Restoration to assess the damage.  

While such incidents can occur due to the normal wear and tear of the washing machine, they can also occur due to lack of maintenance from your side. Taking some preventive steps can go a long way in averting such soapy disasters in your home.

Clean the drains regularly

Your washing machine’s drainage system is the chief contributor for most of the overflows that can happen. When it is new and clean, the water flows through it easily. As time goes by lint, debris, pine needles and dirt tend to get collected in the drain, clogging the flow of water. You can either prevent clogging by regular drain maintenance or at the least clear the clogs immediately after you notice it the first time when the water starts draining slowly than usual.

Regular maintenance steps can include using a lint catcher in the drain pipe to stop debris from reaching the drain and changing it regularly for it to be more effective. You should also snake your drains often using a suitable apparatus like a plumber’s snake. If the clog becomes too big, the best thing to do would be to call appropriate home maintenance professionals for help.  You never knew you had so much debris from your hikes in the Cascade Mountains!

Don’t overfill

With a washing machine ready to do your laundry, it is always tempting to just overstuff it with everything you got in a single go. But do you know that such overfill can actually damage some internal components of the machine and result in an overflow? Fill sensors and agitators are some of the parts that are very sensitive to the loads. If you stress them out, they can stop functioning efficiently, leading to overflow problems.

Enzyme treatment

While regular methods can clean the washing machine drains off dirt and debris, they will not be helpful in treating the soap residue that gets stagnated on the interior surface of the drains. The enzymes effectively break up the soap buildup that accumulates in the drain over a period of time. You can also perform this step in all the supply hoses of your washing machine as well to prevent water damage.

In Case it Overflows…

While you can usually avoid overflow of your washing machine by following all these precautionary steps, you cannot always prevent the occasional accident. When such an overflow happens, it is always advisable to bring in restoration experts to perform the cleanup and repair.  

A certified, reputable, professional company like PureDry Restoration can arrive at your home or business within 60 minutes, night or day.  All it takes is a phone call to their 24/7 Hotline to help begin restoring your property back to pre-damage condition.  To make it even easier, they will work with your insurance for you!  If this is you, call today!