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How to Prepare Your Gutters For Fall

The fall leaves are beautiful this time of year, but the last thing you want to worry about are your gutters being clogged up with leaves and sticks. As a homeowner, I know the gutter situation is often time not the first thing you think about with owning a home. But maintenance and prevention are […]

Tips to Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage

Fall and Cold Weather are Approaching      Fall is a great time of the year- back to school, pumpkin lattes,(and lets be honest, pumpkin EVERYTHING) and the infamous rainfall of the Pacific Northwest, but these wonderful things can sometimes be shadowed by a water damage “oops” misfortune in our home. The cold winter season […]

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Prevent Your Washing Machine from Overflowing

Washing machines are not meant to overflow. But when they do, they leave a mess. Soapy water on the entire floor soaking up everything that it comes into contact with is not a joke.  If this happens to you in the Seattle or Woodinville area, and the overflow is significant, it is well worth it […]

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Water Damage Emergency in Seattle!

  What feels like normal rain in the Pacific Northwest…. …can cause extensive damage to house interiors as well as lead to structural damages and other related problems, especially when there is a hidden leak. Water damage restoration can be managed as long as the appropriate approach is followed. Generally, mild water damage is not as […]

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How To Handle Basement Water Damage

Where And Why Basement floods are not as uncommon as many would like to believe. You don’t have to live near a body of water prone to flooding to experience a basement flood in your Seattle home. Homeowner’s have a very real possibility of experiencing a basement flood and need to be prepared if it […]

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Dealing With Flooded Homes in Seattle

Flooding is a natural concern in Seattle. “Urban flooding” is a concept that has arisen in the Seattle area over the past 10 years as heavy rains overwhelm the city’s drainage system. Flooding is one of the costliest hazard that homeowners may face in their lifetime and it is important to be educated on what […]